Monday, March 1, 2010

Almay Intense i-colour eye shadow

Hello! This won't be a very long review, simply because I'm tired, and I don't have a lot to say about this product. Please bear with me if this review isn't totally coherent, it's been a long day!

These eye shadows are meant to bring out your eye colour and really make it "pop". I think these are great shadows if your looking for a simple but pretty look. I also like them because they have very vibrant colours and more natural colours. For example I have two sets (both for brown eyes) and one set is all purple and very dark and dramatic, and the other set is more browns and purples for a nice daytime look. These are great quality, they do fade a little during the day, but I find that they last for about 5 hours without budging at all, which is fantastic!

These eye shadows are great if your not sure what colours look good on you, and just want to play around with a few different looks. Almay also has eyeliners and mascara's that are formulated to bring out your natural eye colour, I haven't tried them yet but I'll be putting them on my makeup wish list!


  1. I seem to always stick to the same eye shadow colours - kind of light browns and a pale highlighter colour. I love bright colours, but am afraid to try them. Do you find that you have a lot of the same coloured eye shadows?

  2. Oh yea, most of mine are coppers, browns, and bronzes. But I'm trying to expand into brighter colours