Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

Hello! Sorry about the lack of posts for a few days, I've had writers block! I keep trying to think of something to write for this powder, but nothing is really coming to mind. This post will be pretty short, hopefully I'll get back into my regular schedule of posting.
Anyway, I purchased this powder a few weeks ago, and wow! I have never been so impressed with one of Maybelline's products. This is a pressed powder, and sometimes pressed powders can make your skin look cakey and dry, but this one is really , really amazing. When you use it your skin looks soft and matte, and it helps keep oil down. I also like this powder because you can use it frequently throughout the day, and it doesn't build up. I'll definitely be buying this again, I would even compare this to Almay's pressed powder, which as you know I absolutely love! This powder comes in eight different shades, so really you should be able to find one that matches your skin tone. Overall this is a great product, and it's reasonably priced to!


  1. well my dear friend, I am not very good at makeup you know. So I was wondering if maybe you could say what you use this product for? Is it kind of a cover up thing, or just a make-your-face-all-the-same-colour thing. Oh and wonderful blog! Its so pretty!

  2. it's a make your face all the same colour thing! you can wear it alone or over foundation. It's just supposed to reduce shine. Oh! and how do you like that powder/bronzer/highlighter combo you got last week from the drugstore?