Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Dress a Boyish Figure

So I know that most of the post's on my blog are about makeup, and for the most part they will continue to be about makeup. I just thought that since a did a post on how to dress a pear shaped figure I'd do a post on how to dress boyish figures, apple shaped bodies etc. Please bear in mind that I am not an expert on how to dress different bodies, this is just information that I've gathered from websites, friends, and my own observations. I myself have a pear shaped body, thats why the "How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body" post was so long, and why this post may be a lot shorter!

Many (not all) women who are petite or very thin have a boyish figure, this simply means that your bust is small, your waist isn't very defined, and your hips aren't very wide. If you have a boyish figure count yourself lucky! Lots of curvier women would love to have smaller hips. Just to give you a mental picture, models have boyish figures. To add curves to your figure you want to make your bust seem larger, your waist narrower, and your hips a little bigger.

Tops: Shirts with ruffles and lace around the top will give the illusion of a bigger bust. Halter tops will look fantastic on you, as will shirts and sweaters with cowl necks. Tops with an empire waist, belted waist etc. look great on boyish figures as well. Tops should end just below your waist, or just at your waist.

Jeans/Pants: Skinny jeans were made for a boyish figure, so take advantage of them! It's ok for people with a boyish figure to wear low slung jeans (only if your comfortable in them) but keep in mind that higher waisted jeans can make your hips and backside look curvier. Also look for pants that hug your hips to give the illusion of curves. Unlike the pear shaped body, boyish figures should stay away pants and jeans with a flare at the bottom.

Jackets: Look for jackets that nip in at the waist to help enhance the look of curves. For boyish figures double breasted jackets work well, jackets can really end anywhere on a boyish figure; unless your really short, then look for jackets that end around your hip bone.

Skirts: Stay away from pencil skirts! I see lots and lots of girls and women who have a boyish figure wear pencil skirts, and it doesn't look good, not at all. Instead look for skirts that have more volume. High waisted skirts look great, as long as they flare out at the bottom. Skirts should end right at the knee or a little bit above

Stay away from baggy clothing that will look frumpy! Your thin, show it off! Once again I'm not a professional, this is just my opinion.

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