Monday, March 8, 2010

L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

After hearing a lot of wonderful reviews on this mascara I decided to try it out. From what I understood it was supposed to lengthen your eyelashes and make them really stand out, I figured it would also separate them, because to me that's what a good mascara should do. I was really disappointed when I found out I was completely wrong about this product, it's actually one of the worst mascara's I've ever used. Now usually this is where I would say something nice about other products from the brand, but I haven't actually tried any other L'oreal products!

This mascara isn't all bad though, it does make your eyelashes stand out, but not in the way I like. It clumps your eyelashes together so it looks like you have five really thick eyelashes, and I absolutely hate mascara that clumps your eyelashes together, it's one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't know why so many people loved this mascara, cause I really dislike it, but everyone has different likes and dislikes!

Overall I wouldn't buy this mascara again, but I do plan on buying some different L'oreal products just to try them out.


  1. Is this a waterproof mascara? I kind of hate those because they are so hard to get off, but the regular stuff smudges during the day! What's a girl to do?! : )

    Are you going to review that mascara with the vibrating brush?

  2. Ah! I know, waterproof is impossible to get off, I never use it. I find that covergirl mascara's don't smudge, so you could try those!

    You know I was just looking at that vibrating mascara tonight when I went out, and I think I will try it, but probably not until my current mascara runs out. I'm trying to save up my money so I can buy all new summer clothes!