Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Balm Cosmetics

Today I was picking up a few makeup items at my local drugstore, and my mom and I found this adorable new makeup company! Actually I don't know if their new, but I've never seen them in my city before. The company is called "The Balm Cosmetics", and I've fallen in love with their products already. Well I shouldn't say I love their products, I haven't bought any yet (crazy expensive!) but the packaging is absolutely amazing. Everything has a cute or witty name, the packages are bright and very
1950's. Besides the packaging I also love how most of the products are paraben free, and cruelty free; I'll be saving up my money to buy some of the products in the near future. I almost bought the blush "Hot Mama" today, a beautiful pink with hints of gold that add a lovely glow to your cheeks; it also doubles as an eyeshadow which is great!

It's hard to explain just how awesome the packages are, so here's the link to the website all the prices are in U.S. dollars, so here in Canada it costs a bit more. Today when I almost bought the blush I had to put it back cause it cost $25 which I thought was way too much to spend on one product, especially because I'm trying to save my money. I will be buying some of their products in the future and I hope there as good as the packages are! I found out that the eye shadow's are dupes for MAC eye shadows, but I think they are almost the same price so I'll probably just stick to MAC. Check out the website, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. cool packaging! I like the multi use aspect of these and after visiting the web site, I want luminizer - the one you can use as highlighter and eye shadow and shimmery effects.