Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spectro Jel

Oh I know, Spectro Jel is about as boring as it gets; but I love this stuff! I've been using it for about a month now instead of my Clinique 3 step cleanser (I ran out) I was looking for a cheap alternative, and I discovered Spectro Jel. I am so impressed with this product, I have Spectro Jel for Blemish Prone skin, and it really does help keep my skin blemish free. Of course I still occasionally break out, but this really helps to keep it under control. I also like it because it's soap free (Weird, I know), non irritating, so if it gets in your eyes it doesn't sting, and fragrance free. It lasts a very long time, I've hardly made a dent in my bottle, and it is very very affordable. You can find it at any drugstore, walmart etc.

I use it every morning and evening along with my Clinique 3 step toner and moisturizer, and all three products work very well together. I'll probably continue using Spectro Jel just because it's so inexpensive and in my opinion it works just as well as Cliniques 3 step cleanser.

Spectro has many other products, I suggest you check out their website to find the product right for your skin!

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