Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Back! Sort of

Hi everyone! So I'm all better, thank goodness. It's no fun being sick when it's so nice out. I'll be doing a post today, and I'm really going to try to keep up a regular posting schedule, but it might be kind of hard for me at the moment because exams are coming up and I have lots of culminating projects to do and lots of studying! I really dislike the end of the school year. But enough of my grumbling, today I'm going to be reviewing Avon's Wash-off waterproof mascara; I know the name is the most boring thing ever, but the mascara is great! This mascara was included in my purchase of the Avon primer, but normally it costs about $10, so it's pretty well priced. This really is a good little mascara, it's nothing special but it works well if your going to be swimming or out in the rain. I also use it on super hot and humid days, because I find mascara can smudge a lot when it's hot out. This mascara STAYS PUT, honestly it doesn't budge at all. I wore it last week when I was outside for about 6 hours and it was very humid out and it didn't give me raccoon eyes!

It doesn't add a whole lot of volume, but thats not what it's supposed to do. It does lengthen lashes well and doesn't clump. This also seperates lashes well, without making you look like you have spider leg eyelashes. The brush is just your run of the mill brush, nothing too spectacular, but as I said this is great for those days when you know you'll be swimming, or outside for a long time. Overall this is a great mascara, if you can get Avon products where you live I suggest buying this!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Hi everyone, I'm pretty sick at the moment and I don't have the energy to do any long blog posts right now. Things will be back to normal in a few days though!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Avon Magix Face Perfector

Another day another primer review! I'm super tired guys so this review won't be very long; bear with me if it doesn't make that much sense either! So the other day I reviewed the Gosh foundation primer, but it was more on the expensive side. Personally I don't want to be spending $30 each time I need a primer. Well, a few weeks ago I was looking through the Avon catalogue and came across this great deal where you get a primer, mascara, and concealer all for $14. I decided to order the package because it was inexpensive and I wanted to find a less expensive primer (the primer by itself costs $15) I just received the package last week and I've been using the primer everyday since! It's my new favorite product, definitely comparable to the Gosh primer. What I like is that it can go on under makeup and create a smooth canvas for your foundation, while minimizing pores and evening out discoloration. It can also go on over makeup to get rid of shine. This primer's great because it goes on clear and it has a great texture. I actually have noticed that my foundation is staying on longer throughout the day and while I still get shiny skin it does help to control it. As I said before this really minimizes pores, you can see the difference right away, it also leaves skin looking very matte after you first put it on. This also has SPF 20, so great for those of us who don't want a sunburn! It comes in a fair size bottle, and you don't need much when you use it so this will hopefully last a long time.
I will be ordering this again, and I'll let you guys know how long it lasts. Also, I'll be reviewing the mascara and concealer that came with the primer.

Have a good night everyone!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer

Hi everyone! The weekend is finally here and I am so happy, but also kind of worried because I have to write an essay, so I'll be busy this weekend.

Some of you have probably heard of the cosmetics company Gosh I think they are mainly based in the U.S. but last month my mom and I found a section in our drugstore with a few Gosh cosmetics. My mom bought one of their new products, the face primer and since I'm little miss oily skin I asked if I could try it out. The primer cost $28, so yes it's a bit expensive but I have a feeling its going to last a very long time because you don't need to use very much. I've only used this a few times since it is my moms but am I ever impressed. When you put it on your skin instantly feels smooth and silky and you can see a difference in the size of your pores. I don't have large pores but even I could tell that this primer made them appear smaller. Putting on foundation after you use this primer is a dream, it goes on so well and blends really easily. I do realize I sound like I'm being paid for this post by Gosh, but trust me I'm not! Now back to the review; this primer not only leaves skin feeling silky but it also leaves it looking completely matte (thumbs up for us oily skinned girls out there!) it's also fragrance free so if you have sensitive skin this won't irritate it. I received many compliments the first time I used this, everyone just said my skin looked clearer and healthier! I can't say that I my foundation lasted longer when I used this, but my skin did appear less oily for a few extra hours during the day. If you can afford this primer then I would definitely suggest it! If you don't want to shell out $28 I'm going to be reviewing a less expensive primer tomorrow! Oh and by the way, the apricot coloured primer (in the picture) is an anti wrinkle primer.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

L'oreal Voluminous Mascara

Hi everyone! I realised I've been lacking in the review section of my blog lately so I'm going to try to catch up. Today I'm going to be reviewing one of L'oreal's mascaras. Some of you may remember my last review on a L'oreal mascara (telescopic), I wasn't too impressed. However, I decided to try this one after reading about it on a beauty website. I've had it for about two months and I'm actually pretty impressed. When I first used it I thought I had wasted my money on a L'oreal mascara yet again, but after using it for awhile I've learned to love it!

One of the reasons why I didn't like this mascara at first was because the brush is HUGE! But after awhile you start to get used to it and it's easy to handle. It coats each lash evenly and really adds volume, it also adds a lot of curl. Occasionally the mascara will clump, but you can just run the brush over your lashes a few times and the clumps will come out! A drawback to this mascara is that it will sometimes smudge throughout the day, but it's never too noticeable and only smudges after about seven hours.

Overall I think this is a great mascara, not the best I've ever used but definitely not the worst. As I said before it adds a lot of volume and curl to your lashes, and it does add a bit of length. I find that this sort of makes your eyelashes look like a fan because it really separates each lash. You guys should try this out, its a great product.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Short and Sweet

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller

I came across this quote the other day and I thought it was lovely, it reminded me that while its nice to have shiny hair, pretty makeup and expensive clothes those aren't the most important things. Sometimes I find myself getting too caught up in how something or someone looks outwardly, and I always judge too quickly.

The main focus of this blog is of course makeup, and trust me there will soon be many more reviews! But I thought for now I'd leave you all with that quote, take it as you wish but I really like it. Every day for the next week I'm going to try and stop judging others based on their appearance, if I see someone and think to myself that their hairdo is ugly, or that their clothes don't suit them I'm also going to think of something nice about them. You guys may think this is stupid, but as someone who has been very critical of people in the past based solely on their appearance I think it will be good for me to try this out. Now some of you may be thinking I'm a terrible person for judging people based on their appearance, but everyone does it. If you want to join me in this little "challenge" I guess you could call it, then please do!

Friday, May 7, 2010

If I was Rich I Would Buy...

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. I decided that I was going to write a post today about what I would buy if I were rich. It's just for fun! I'm not poor of course, and I'm not complaining about the amount of money I have, as I said this is just for fun! Everything is going to be mostly beauty related (of course) so enjoy!

Nars Lipstick- $24
I would love to try the colour "Dolce Vita" I've heard it's beautiful! But in my opinion $24 is way too much to spend on a lipstick.

Nars Lipgloss- $24
Another nars product I want to try, and yet it is also $24, way too much to spend on a lip gloss. If I do ever buy one of their lip glosses it's going to be in the colour "Turkish Delight"

Clinique Superbalanced Powder Makeup SPF 15- $42
My mom actually uses this and she really likes it, but I just can't bring myself to spend $42 on powder, when I can get N.Y.C. face powder for $5

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser- $30
I know $30 is a lot, but when your an un-working student you have to save your money! I would love to try this one day though, it's completely organic and vegan, and it's supposed to minimize pores.

Cargo Bronzer- $25
I'm shopping around for bronzer now that summer is coming up, and instead of tanning I just burn. Unfortunately I won't be buying this since it's $25.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler- $19
$19 for a freakin' eyelash curler? Um, no thanks. Even though it's supposed to be incredible this is one thing I won't be buying.

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation- $42
I'm still looking for the perfect foundation that will keep my oily skin under control but also look natural. I really want to try this, but with tax it would be about $50! That's just too much!

Grand Total $206
A little too much to spend right now! I guess I'll be asking for some of these products for my birthday!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Play up your Features! The Best Makeup for your Face Shape

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!
So today's post isn't a review, just a few makeup tips. As you all know, everyone has a different face shape, and what looks good on one person could look awful on someone else. Knowing your face shape will help you do play up your best features, and downplay some of the features you don't like as much.

If you have a heart shaped face you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Christina Ricci is the perfect example of a heart shaped face. If you have a heart shaped face you want to draw attention away from your prominent chin and cheekbones. Apply a matte blush or bronzer to cheekbones to add colour but still downplay your cheekbones. Using soft, delicate lipstick/lip gloss colours will help soften the shape of your face. Have fun with your eye makeup though! Just stay away from really harsh eyeliner. Personally I love heart shaped faces, so if you have one consider yourself lucky!

If you have a round face your forehead is about the same width as your chin, and you'll generally have more prominent cheeks (not necessarily defined though). Kirsten Dunst has a round face. To add definition to your cheeks brush bronzer underneath your cheekbones, and add a highlighter/ light shimmery blush on top of cheekbones. Since your face is round you want to have more arched eyebrows (still soft, not severe) to add some shape. If your eyebrows are sparse use a brow liner to fill in any bald areas. Unlike the heart shaped face you want to have a nice strong eyeliner around your eyes to add definition to the face. You can use liquid or pencil liner, doesn't matter!

If you have a square face you have a very angular jawline and hairline. Jennifer Garner has a very square face. Go for a girly, soft makeup look to downplay the angles of your face. Add a pretty pop of rose coloured blush to the apples of your cheeks, and try to stay away from too much definition around the cheeks. Stick with sheer lip glosses or lip stain in a pretty pink or coral. You don't want to use harsh, dark colours because this will emphasize your angular jawline. To finish off your girly look use a mascara that adds a lot of volume and curl!

If you have an oval face your forehead and lower face are pretty much the same width, but the sides of your face are longer. Jessica Alba has an oval face. To help emphasize your eyes and lips and cut down the length of your face sweep blush or bronzer horizontally across your cheeks, but blend it towards your temples! You don't want to look like your wearing war paint. To help define your chin, line lips with lipliner before applying lipstick or gloss. Add definition to the eyes by blending a dark eyeshadow colour into the crease of your eyelid.

These are just guidelines everyone, not rules. Try out different makeup looks and use the one that you think looks best on you!
I used some information off of the website "TotalBeauty" to help me write this post. I thought it was a great article and I wanted to share some of the tips from them with you!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer

Hi everyone! I realized the last time I posted was four days ago, so I really have to get back on track. I'm going to be reviewing one of Maybellines concealers today. I usually don't use concealer because I am usually able to cover up any blemishes and redness I have with foundation. But there are days when I have very dark under eye circles, and sometimes some very red areas on my face, so it's nice to have a concealer to cover that up. My main problem with concealers is the fact that many of them look dry and cakey when you apply them, and sometimes they look very yellow.

I bought this concealer a couple of months ago and probably use it about once or twice a week, I have been so, so happy with it. I didn't know what to expect with it when I first bought it because as I said I've never had a lot of luck with concealers. I purchased the lightest colour they had (ivory) and it blends in perfectly with my skin tone. I sometimes put it under my foundation, and sometimes put it on over my foundation, it doesn't make a difference when you apply it because it blends in seamlessly. It doesn't sink into the fine lines under your eyes, and it covers up redness very well. The colour isn't too yellow and I haven't had a problem with this looking dry and cakey. This is a liquid concealer, which is funny because I thought it would be a mineral concealer because of what it is called. Anyway, the texture is great, very creamy and smooth. The bottle is pretty small but you don't need very much when you use it; a little goes a VERY long way. It comes with a wand applicator that's quite easy to use. The staying power is pretty good, I might reapply it once a day. All in all this is great, it's inexpensive but high quality. I'd really recommend this!