Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

Typically I don't wear lipstick, just gloss, but I wanted to try something new! The only reason I chose Rimmel was because it was the most inexpensive lipstick at the drugstore(yes, I'm kind of cheap) I just wanted a pretty light pink lipstick, that didn't smudge, run, or leave my lips looking chapped and dry. I've got to say that this lipstick is really wonderful! I chose the colour "vintage" and it's a really pretty pink, it goes on rather sheer so if you want more colour you would have to put on a few coats. It has a nice shine to it, and a bit of sparkle which works well for me because I'm still in school and don't need a very dramatic colour. Whenever I use this lipstick my lips feel moisturized and I've never had a problem with the colour smearing. If I remember correctly this was about $6, so really affordable! I also love the tube it comes in, it's so cute! It's purple and has a little crown imprint on the top.

There are many colours to chose from, when I go to buy more I'm going too try out "Birthday Suit" an lovely nude colour, and "Airy Fairy" another pretty pink!
Oh and by the way, Rimmel has two lasting finish lipsticks, and the one I'm talking about lasting finish intense wear lipstick.

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