Saturday, March 27, 2010

CoverGirl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers Lipgloss

Why do makeup brands give their products such long names? I'll never know. I know that this product came out a few years ago, and all the hype about it has died down, but I decided to review it anyway because it's one of my favorite lipgloss'. I have always preferred lipgloss to lipstick, partly because I'm still in high school and I regard lipstick as something that adults wear (even though teenagers can wear lipstick, and adults lipgloss) and I've also never found a lipstick that I absolutely love. If anyone has a lipstick that they like please let me know which one it is, I do want to start using more lipstick as well as gloss.

Moving on now to the actual review, the reason I like this gloss so much is because it feels like a balm when it goes on and isn't sticky at all. Also, the colours aren't overly shiny, but they do leave a nice sheen on your lips. One drawback to this gloss is it only lasts about an hour, but I don't mind reapplying this, because it feels like a balm and it does moisturize your lips throughout the day. It comes in many colours, some are sheer and some are more matte (still has a sheen) I've tried the colour "Strawberry Splash" and "Plum Splash". They are both beautiful colours, but personally "Strawberry Splash" works better for my colouring. I would suggest "Plum Splash" for someone with olive or dark skin. This is a great product! Try it out.


  1. good post! : )
    In the picture it looks sparkly. Does it have glitter in it? O rmaybe that is water drops? The name makes it sound lie a dessert!

  2. Thanks! no its not sparkly, it does look like that in the picture though, but thats only cause it has water drops on it