Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to just be doing a short review on one of Maybelline's eye shadow quads. I've always really liked natural, light colours such as browns, sandy beiges, and golds; so I was really happy when I found this quad because it basically has all of my favorite eyeshadow colours. The picture you see in the top left colour is the quad that I purchased, but I have to say it's not true to the colours, the one in the top right is much more golden and sparkly, and the colour to the left of it is a bit darker.

I really like using this quad though, for the price (about $10) the quality is fantastic, and I didn't notice any fading until about 7 hours after I applied the shadow. I was a little skeptical about Maybelline eye shadow, just because I wasn't sure if it would actually be any good, but I've been very happy with it! Also, there are many different quads to choose from. I've heard the quad "Emerald Smokes" is gorgeous.

I generally use this quad on days when I want a more natural look. However, you can layer the colours heavily for a more dramatic effect. Two more things I like are that three out of the four colours have a matte finish, so if your not into sparkles you'll love this product. The colours blend really well, so it's easy to get a natural look. I may do a tutorial using this quad, but I have to figure out how to add more than one picture to the post. If anyone knows how could you let me know how you do it? Thanks! Oh, and I forgot to mention, the quad I purchased, and the one in the picture is called "Chai Latte", yum!


  1. Thanks for these product reviews! you must have so much make-up! Do you buy everything or do they send you samples to review?
    curious in Seattle

  2. Yes I have a LOT of makeup, and I plan on buying lots more! I buy everything myself, and if I ever did receive a free sample I'd let everyone know I got it for free :)