Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pioneer Woman wasn't kidding, and Vera Wang perfume review

So unlike most of my post's this one isn't going to be just about makeup; it's also about the best chocolate cake you will ever have! Some of you may know about the blogger The Pioneer Woman, she's basically a celebrity in the blogging world. Anyway, on her site she has a cooking section where she posts delicious recipes that always contain tons of butter (yum). She has a recipe for what she says is the "best chocolate sheet cake.ever." I decided to make it today for dessert, and wow wow wow, it's so delicious! It's fudgy, moist, gooey and super easy to make. I encourage you to go take a look at her blog if you've never been to it, and make this cake!

Ok, now back to the regular type of posting, beauty products! A couple of day's ago I went shopping, not intending to buy any perfume but I ended up buying some anyway! I normally don't wear perfume, because many perfumes give me headaches, but when I find one that I like (and that doesn't give me headaches) I wear it all the time. "Princess" is definitely the best perfume I've ever had, it smells so lovely and sweet and is a very girly scent. Hence the name. It's very floral and has a light scent of vanilla, I think it smells a little like baby powder. This perfume also lasts a very long time, which I love! Because I hate when you get a perfume you love, and the scent doesn't last. I would really recommend this perfume if you like sweet floral scents!

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  1. chocolate cake : ) : )
    good combo! a site that mixes up beauty products and dessert!

    Perfume is soooo hard to buy! It's so expensive. I like how it smells on other people but can never fine one that I like on me.