Wednesday, March 24, 2010

N.Y.C. Liquid Eyeliner

Hi everyone!
My posting might be a little less frequent over the next week, I have to write this huge essay for my English class, but I'll be trying to keep up my regular posting schedule.

Today I'm going to be reviewing a liquid eyeliner from the N.Y.C. brand. Before this eyeliner I had never actually tried anything from N.Y.C but after hearing a fantastic review on this eyeliner I decided to try it out. Now, I am absolutely terrible when it comes to applying eyeliner, honestly, of all the makeup products out there eyeliner is my sworn enemy. I somehow always manage to get it all over my eyelid and I end up poking myself in the eye. I've been practicing though, and I can now apply pencil eyeliner really well actually, but liquid? Ehhh, not so much. Anyway! This is supposed to be a review on a product, not my eyeliner abilities. I've been really happy with this liner so far, it stays put all day, no smudging, fading, it doesn't budge! It's actually not that hard to apply either, it has a very small applicator tip so it's pretty easy to control. I also like this because the applicator isn't flimsy, even though it's thin it's quite stable and well made.

This liner comes in three colours: Sable, Jet Black, and Pearlized Black. I bought Jet Black, and WOW! it is really, really deep. You know how you sometimes get eyeliner and it says jet black, but you put it on and it's like a pathetic excuse for black? Well this liner isn't like that at all. Overall this is a fantastic product, and the price is amazing! I got mine for about $3 at a drugstore. Now I just have to become better at applying eyeliner and I'll love this liner even more!

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  1. totally cannot do eyeliner - always look like a racoon. I like the way pencil liner looks when it is smudged a bit though.