Saturday, February 20, 2010

MAC eyeshadow in Satellite Dreams

Let me start by saying that I didn't pay for this eyeshadow, it was given to me as a gift, but this is my honest opinion.

I really can't say enough good things about this eyeshadow, it comes in so many beautiful colours, and goes on smoothly. When applying it you don't need to use very much, because it's highly pigmented, therefore the colour is strong and vibrant! The colour I received was "Satellite Dreams", it's a lovely bright purple that reminds me of Spring! When I use this eyeshadow I usually only use one or two other light colours with it, so my eyes don't look too overpowered. For example, I put this eyeshadow on my lids, then use a light bronze colour in the crease, and a pretty eggshell white on my brow bone, then to complete the look I put a light coat of black mascara on.

I know MAC products are pretty expensive (this was about $18), but I think you should invest in at least a few really great products, because its definitely worth it!


  1. I just bought MAC for the first time too and really like their packaging. Very simple and elegant. When you put the eyeshadow on was it translucent or opaque?

  2. It's translucent, but you can layer it and it and becomes opaque :)

  3. thanks - I hate spending money on products that I can't use or end up not liking and then the money is wasted.

    Are you going to do any more reviews of foundations?

  4. Yes! I'll be doing many more reviews on foundations, I have a whole schedule laid out, and I believe my next review on foundation will be in a few days :)