Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almay Clear Complexion Pressed Powder

Since the review I just did on Almay wasn't the nicest review, I thought I'd do a quick review on one of their pressed powders. I LOVE this powder, it's definitely the best pressed powder I've ever used. You could wear this just on its own and your skin would look flawless, I really have nothing bad to say about this. It helps to keep your skin matte for hours, and has a beautiful silky finish. Unlike Almay's liquid foundation this doesn't dry out your skin. I really, really like this powder. I actually haven't bought it for awhile, simply because I wanted to try some new pressed powders, but I will be buying this again! Actually I just thought of something I don't like about this powder, but it's not a huge deal. This powder only comes in three colours, It's not a big problem for me because I'm pale so I just use the lightest shade, but I can see how people with darker skin may not be able to find one that matches their skin tone well. The only shades it comes in are, light, light/medium, and medium. I'll be on the lookout for powder that comes in darker shades!


  1. What do think of the mineral make-ups? The ones you dip a big brush into and rub into the face?

  2. IS this something you put on after foundation? Do you reapply it throughout the day?

  3. I personally like mineral makeup. To be specific I like mnineral blush and foundation, but I usually only wear mineral makeup in the fall or winter because I find it runs off your face during warmer months.

    Yes, I put it on after foundation to set it, but you can wear it alone!