Thursday, February 25, 2010

Covergirl Clean Pressed Powder- Sensitive Skin

Hello! Today I'll be reviewing another pressed powder, this time it's one from Covergirl. Most pressed powders claim to do the same thing, cover pores and blemishes, get rid of oil and shine, and leave a smooth finish. While many pressed powders I've tried do this, there are some that unfortunately don't. Covergirl pressed powder falls into the latter category. I find that this only controls shine for about half and hour, and then my nose is oily all over again. I really hate having to reapply makeup so often because I find that it often looks layered and fake. When I use this it looks cakey and makes my skin look very dry, and as I said before it doesn't control shine very well. Covergirl has other pressed powders that I haven't tried, and I probably won't, now that I haven't had much luck with this one. I'll ask some friends who use the other kinds and see what they think.

Over the past couple years I've used some amazing pressed powders, which are all very affordable because I got them from a drugstore. Try Almay pressed powder (review below), or Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (review to come). Both are well priced, work well, and you can find them practically anywhere!

If you don't want to use pressed powder, you can use blotting pads, which are just little squares of paper that pick up oil. Don't be turned off of Covergirl because of this review though, they have some wonderful products (I love their mascara's) and I've heard their eye shadows are actually really good, so I'll have to buy some soon!

Also, if you've tried this powder and it works for you, just keep using it! This is just my opinion on it.


  1. I am new to make up so am wondering if this is something you wear instead of foundation?

  2. I wear pressed powder on top of my foundation, but you can wear it on its own for a really natural look.