Sunday, February 28, 2010

Clinique Superfit Foundation

Since I did such an awful review on one of Cliniques products yesterday I decided to review one of the products I absolutely love from them. This foundation is amazing, it's perfect for oily, oily/combination skin. I consider this one of Cliniques best makeup products, it stays put all day, and it doesn't even feel like your wearing makeup. It offers great coverage, and really helps to keep oil down. One of the things I like about it is the fact that it does keep your skin oil free, but it also moisturizes the dry parts of your face.

My one complaint is that none of the colours are light enough for my face! I have the lightest colour (which is Shell) and it's still about 2 shades too dark for me. Luckily it doesn't make me look orange, just tan. There are tons of colours though, fifteen in total! Oh, and it's in a pretty small bottle, which is kind of annoying because it costs about $30. When this runs out I'm going to try Clinique Superbalanced Foundation, I hope it's as good as this foundation!

Just remembered something else, this foundation is oil free, so really great for oily skin!

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