Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer Makeup and Hair Tips

Hi everyone! With summer fast approaching I decided to give you guys a few simple summer makeup tips. Since the weather will be a lot hotter and everyone is going to be a little sweatier (gross but true!) you need to update your makeup routine just a little bit so that it gets through the hot summer days.

1) Use a primer- To keep your makeup from running off your face try out a primer from your local drugstore or department store. I suggest both a face primer and an eye primer, so that neither your foundation or eyeshadow will run and fade.

2) Tinted Moisturizer- Foundation can be a bit too thick during summer months, but a nice tinted moisturizer will help add a bit of colour to your skin without adding a whole new makeup layer (it will soak in) it will also hide minimal imperfections, but you should use a concealer for bigger imperfections. Of course, if you need the heavier foundation coverage just look for an oil free formula.

3) Water proof mascara- You don't need raccoon eyes every time you go to the beach or go in the pool. So look for an inexpensive water proof mascara next time you go to the drugstore. You can probably find your favorite mascara in a water proof formula.

4) Don't spend time on your hair- Summer isn't the time to worry about your hair. The hot, humid weather will probably make any hairstyle a little frizzy, so stick to simple styles! Just throw your hair up in a loose bun or pony tail in the morning and your set for the day. I always think it's odd when people spend an hour on their hair and two hours later it's frizzy. Summer is for relaxing, so give your hair a break!

5) Bright blush- The best way to update your makeup look is to add a new blush. If you stuck to less obvious, natural blush in the winter, try a beautiful bold colour for summer! I`m not saying you should look like a clown, but it`s always easier to wear bright colours in the summer, because everyone is! Just look for a bright blush that compliments your skin tone, blend it properly and you are set!

6) Sunscreen- Tans are lovely, but skin cancer isn`t. I am naturally very pale and I don`t tan, I burn, burn, burn! I always make sure to apply sunscreen before I go to the beach, or if I know I`m going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day to keep from burning. If, like me you want more colour during the summer try a sunless tanner, like tanning lotion. Or if you want a professional tan try a spray tan at a tanning salon.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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