Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick

Hello everyone! I just have one more exam to go and them I'm finished, I'm so excited for my vacation to finally start!
So today I'll be reviewing one of Avon's lipsticks from the Ultra Colour Rich line. I haven't been extremely impressed with it so far, while the colour is beautiful (I chose the colour "pout" light pink) I don't find that this lipstick lasts very long, and it really settles into the fine lines on my lips. Unfortunately I have pretty dry lips most of the time and this really emphasizes dry, chapped lips. It does look good when I *exfoliate my lips though so I've just gotten into the habit of doing that whenever I wear this. This is a pretty inexpensive lipstick, it only costs $8, so even though I don't like it that much it's not like I wasted a lot of money. One great thing about this is that it comes in a wide variety of colour's and finishes. The finishes are metallic, shimmer, satins, and sheer. "Pout" is a shimmer but it really isn't that shimmery, which I like because I think shimmer can sometimes look a little tacky. I wouldn't recommend this to a friend, but if you want to try it I suggest you make sure your lips are exfoliated beforehand.

* you can exfoliate your lips by wetting a toothbrush and rubbing it over your lips, this helps get rid of any dead skin. You can also take a wet wash cloth and rub it over your lips.

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