Saturday, June 5, 2010

Avon Perfect Wear Everlasting Liquid Foundation SPF15

Hi guys, So after a long absence I'm finally back with another review, hope you all enjoy!
I'm going to be reviewing an Avon foundation that I bought a few months ago. Oh I got a question about how to buy things from Avon, well chances are that there is an Avon representative living near your. You can check the website and enter your postal code and it will tell you if there is. Or you can order online. Now back to the review! I bought this because I was looking for a foundation that would last during the day in the summer (my foundation often gets cakey during the summer) and I had been reading really great reviews on this. I got mine on sale for $10, but usually it's $15. Because I had been reading such great reviews on it I was expecting a lot, and I was pretty disappointed when this didn't live up to my expectations. This foundation goes on so heavily its unbelievable, it also takes a long time to blend. I have some dry spots on my face and this really made them stand out and look flaky. The main thing about this foundation is that it is supposed to last all day and keep your skin from getting oily. Yeah right, this foundation isn't any better than any drugstore foundations out there. My skin still gets oily throughout the day, and the foundation doesn't seem to last any longer than other foundations. So I guess a lot of people loved this foundation because it got such great reviews, but I really don't recommend it. I'm going to use it up just so I don't waste it, but I won't be re-buying it.


  1. So, after trying the Avon products would you order any of them again?

  2. I would buy the waterproof mascara, but not this foundation