Monday, May 3, 2010

Play up your Features! The Best Makeup for your Face Shape

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So today's post isn't a review, just a few makeup tips. As you all know, everyone has a different face shape, and what looks good on one person could look awful on someone else. Knowing your face shape will help you do play up your best features, and downplay some of the features you don't like as much.

If you have a heart shaped face you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Christina Ricci is the perfect example of a heart shaped face. If you have a heart shaped face you want to draw attention away from your prominent chin and cheekbones. Apply a matte blush or bronzer to cheekbones to add colour but still downplay your cheekbones. Using soft, delicate lipstick/lip gloss colours will help soften the shape of your face. Have fun with your eye makeup though! Just stay away from really harsh eyeliner. Personally I love heart shaped faces, so if you have one consider yourself lucky!

If you have a round face your forehead is about the same width as your chin, and you'll generally have more prominent cheeks (not necessarily defined though). Kirsten Dunst has a round face. To add definition to your cheeks brush bronzer underneath your cheekbones, and add a highlighter/ light shimmery blush on top of cheekbones. Since your face is round you want to have more arched eyebrows (still soft, not severe) to add some shape. If your eyebrows are sparse use a brow liner to fill in any bald areas. Unlike the heart shaped face you want to have a nice strong eyeliner around your eyes to add definition to the face. You can use liquid or pencil liner, doesn't matter!

If you have a square face you have a very angular jawline and hairline. Jennifer Garner has a very square face. Go for a girly, soft makeup look to downplay the angles of your face. Add a pretty pop of rose coloured blush to the apples of your cheeks, and try to stay away from too much definition around the cheeks. Stick with sheer lip glosses or lip stain in a pretty pink or coral. You don't want to use harsh, dark colours because this will emphasize your angular jawline. To finish off your girly look use a mascara that adds a lot of volume and curl!

If you have an oval face your forehead and lower face are pretty much the same width, but the sides of your face are longer. Jessica Alba has an oval face. To help emphasize your eyes and lips and cut down the length of your face sweep blush or bronzer horizontally across your cheeks, but blend it towards your temples! You don't want to look like your wearing war paint. To help define your chin, line lips with lipliner before applying lipstick or gloss. Add definition to the eyes by blending a dark eyeshadow colour into the crease of your eyelid.

These are just guidelines everyone, not rules. Try out different makeup looks and use the one that you think looks best on you!
I used some information off of the website "TotalBeauty" to help me write this post. I thought it was a great article and I wanted to share some of the tips from them with you!

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